IDG3009 Information Architecture​​​​​​​
The purpose of the project was to come up with a new way to connect cultural and commercial life to the general public through the development of a new proposition in Gjøvik. Priority number one was making it as easy to stay up to date on what's going on in the city so that you could take advantage of the offers that were available.
In order to convey the project's message and to match our prototype, we created a logo that was both instructive and consistent with the design.
 There are three primary colors in the solution, blue, white, and black. Gjøvik Municipality's coat of arms features a blue background, and the color is based on that.
Methods used 
We were put in contact with a respondent from Gjøvik municipality who we were to interview to obtain relevant information that could contribute to the cultural life in Gjøvik.
We employed user-centered methodologies such as personas and scenarios, in different groups so that we could take everyone into account, regardless of age. A low-fidelity prototype and a high-fidelity prototype were then constructed from the design sketches that were made, which were used as the basis for the prototype.

The end outcome was created in Figma as a high-fidelity prototype. As part of the design process, a report detailing the project's methodology and user interaction was created. 
Is there anything I would change with this project? 
I am very satisfied with this project considering we used different methods to achieve the prototype we currently have. If I were to start over with the project, I would focus on making it sustainable and easy to use and understand. This is considering the fact that the application could be used by everyone - regarding their age. As mentioned in the methods used, we created personas in different age groups. This was to include everyone who wanted to get an overview of the cultural life in Gjøvik. I would also make it as usable and accessible as possible for anyone, regarding their impairments or disabilities.   

If you would like to check out the prototype we created, press the button below!
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