IDG3920 Bachelor thesis
Bachelor thesis where the group collaborated with Sykehuset Innlandet's Innovation department. Sykehuset Innlandet is researching and developing the use of video communication as a decision support tool for emergency medical workers. The project will contribute to research, technical development, and innovation in the use of video technology as prehospital assessment assistance. Paramedics will have a greater possibility of diagnosis and triage by connecting specialists or doctors through video, ensuring that the patient receives better treatment, faster. 
We didn't have to come up with a new name because the project was already underway when we became involved. The project is called PreViS, which is the abbreviation for prehospital video i samverkan
Methods used
During the thesis, we used different methods to retrieve information and to find improvements that could be made. Some of the methods we used are sketching, wireframes, semi-structured interviews with relevant stakeholders, low-fidelity prototyping, high-fidelity prototyping, user testing, and functional testing of the system. 
A color palette was produced to help us determine which colors we wanted to use in the project and which were acceptable for contrast. We used a contrast checker for this.
A simple design, with variable color associations, was chosen for this project because it would be utilized on multiple displays and in the prehospital service. This was also a request from the project's essential stakeholders. Using a background from one of the PreViS ambulances, we've created a model of how the project will appear on an iPad.
Is there anything I would change with this project? 
This project plays an important role in the healthcare sector. The users of the system will be under pressure, and in time-critical situations resulting in the system needing to be as simple as possible. Since this project is under constant development it is hard to find something I would change about the project. 
If I were to do this project again, I would test it with relevant users, do multiple rounds of user testing and also test it with the current system that is already created to see if it has improved and to determine how effective and intuitive the application is. It would be good to look at which impact this project has on our society. This project fits under sustainability goal number three, improving good health and life quality. But considering the range this project has and if it were to be used across the Norwegian healthcare sector, it would benefit from focusing on being as sustainable as possible regarding how frequently the application would be used and the amount of data that will pass back and forth. 

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