Earlier in the semester, we were tasked with creating a project plan for this course. During this semester I have followed the chosen projects for the portfolio and tried to follow the timelines within this course. Spoiler: I didn't finish the portfolio in time. Based on the project plan, my portfolio was set to be finished on April 6th. This was in the middle of my bachelor thesis so I was probably a little too eager on the project plan. I had originally planned to create my own portfolio from scratch to convey my knowledge as a web developer, but that wasn't the outcome. I ended up using Adobe Portfolio, which was easy to use! This made it easier for me to finish the portfolio, considering I started on it way too late. This was of course my own fault, and if I were to create another portfolio or do this all over again I would definitely create my own portfolio to showcase my knowledge and skills. Considering this portfolio, I am pleased with the outcome.
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