IDG1292 Web Coding
The main task was to design and build a new website for NTNU's Department of Design in Gjøvik. The work was finished during the first semester of our first year. This was the first project we were tasked with designing ourselves from scratch.
There were specific constraints for what had to be included because this was a page that was to be built for NTNU in Gjøvik. I went with the official NTNU logo.
I went with NTNU's main color, which is blue in the color palette, for the color scheme. White and black were also used.
The website was created using HTML, CSS, and some Javascript. The end result is a website with information about the design faculty and the design department at NTNU in Gjøvik. You can learn about some of the subjects for each study at the design institute while also contacting the school. 
Is there anything I would change with this project? 
Since this was a project we designed so early in our degree, there are some things I would like to change if I were to do it again. There was given no consideration or emphasis on universal design. During the two last years, we have also learned a lot about design processes and methods. I would definitely test out the application on respective users to focus on what could be improved so that the webpage would be easy to use and understand.
 I would take another look at the web design of the page and make it more responsive. As of now, there is a contrast error in the navigation between the background color and the color of the text. Before deploying the page I would pass relevant contrast tests just to be sure that there are no contrast errors. At this point the page is not responsive at all and does not work on any other device than the desktop. 

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